Amanida Ingredients

Green olives - original




Water:120 ml.
Flour: 200 grs
Cold watter 20 ml.
Green olive- natural: 100 grs.
Saffron: 3 hebras.
Iberian sirloin.


1. Infuse the water (120 ml) with the saffron threads for 1 minute at 80ºC.
2. Incorporate the flour, the chopped olives and the cold water; knead 3 minutes and let the mixture rest for 15 minutes.
3. Bole the dough in portions of 15 grs and roll them into thin wafers; Fill them with a sirloin dice and steam them for 17 minutes.

The fusion between kitchens is a constant reality and the opening of borders enriches the possibilities of creating new ideas and concepts.

This dish is a recognition of the external work that AMANIDA develops and the knowledge of its product outside our borders.