Amanida Ingredients

White garlics




White garlic AMANIDA: 12 teeth.
Garlic dressing: 70ml.
Soaked bread crumb: 250 grs.
Water: 250 ml.
Raw peeled almond: 100 grs.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 30 ml.


1. Collect all the ingredients and crush them until you get a homogeneous, fine and smooth cream, and refrigerate until your service.
2. Serve very cold and add a few drops of oil on top.

The Ajoblanco is a cold soup of the south of Spain. Of humble origin, however, in recent times has come to occupy a place of relevance in the highest gastronomic settings of Spanish cuisine.

This dish in its traditional version often has a strong flavor and is difficult to digest due to the presence of garlic. The use of the AMANIDA White Garlic contributes a great softness to the dish and special flavor to this dish of our kitchen.