Amanida Ingredients

Sweet yellow peppers




Quality canned beans (or dry if not preserved): 300grs
Sweet yellow peppers: 12 units
Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Balsamic Bianco.


1. Cook traditionally the beans by throwing the broth in case you can not use canned beans that simplify the recipe a lot, getting the same result.
2. Grind them and obtain a homogeneous mixture.
3. Fill the piparras and serve cold or with a stroke of griddle or embers.
4. Sprinkle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Bianco

NOTE: You can also use Sweet Red pippers AMANIDA alone or in combination with green ones.

We have change the roles of the ingredients have changed the roles of the ingredients of the traditional dish “beans with piparra”; the garrison takes the leading role and integrates the beans themselves.

It is an original preparation that is possible thanks to the extreme softness and adequate size of the AMANIDA Sweet Peppers.