Amanida Ingredients

Cocktail in mediterranean marinade




Natural peeled tomato: 350 grs.
Cocktail in mediterranean maribade AMANIDA: 70 grs.
Iberian ham: 15 grs.
AMANIDA Cocktail Dressing: 40 ml.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: to taste.


1. Cut the natural tomato into segments.
2. Fillet the ham and mold in small curls.
3. Place the ham and the cocktail on the tomato.
4. Grate the whole garlic of the Cocktail on the whole and salse with the own seasoning adding the oil to taste.

A festival of Mediterranean products: Iberian ham, tomato and Cocktail Served AMANIDA whose 5 elements (green olives, black olives, peipinillo, onions and garlic) along with its special seasoning (with saffron, sweet paprika, lemon juice and Mediterranean herbs) They constitute a true festival of Mediterranean flavor, which is completed by adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil  thus achieving an unparalleled flavor.