iTQi Award

The “iTQi Award for Superior Taste” is the only seal of quality in flavor awarded by a jury made up of opinion leaders, Chefs and Sommeliers with Michelin stars after a blind tasting in which they evaluate both the appearance, taste, smell and texture of each product.

We are deeply proud of these recognitions that come to endorse the great quality of our products, as well as their differential character in our market.

3 Golden Stars

Exceptional (Second consecutive year)


Exceptional (Third consecutive year) Extraordinary prize when reaching the

highest rating for three consecutive years.

The only preserved garlic in the world that has obtained a 3 star rating.


2 Golden Stars

Outstanding (Second consecutive year)


Certificate that guarantees the Effective Management of Food Safety Responsibilities.


Certificate in all our Olives, Garlic, Piparras and Gherkins.


Partners of the National Center of Technology and Food Safety (CNTA). Helping the goal of contributing to the development and innovation of food companies.

Members of Specialty Food Association.

Registered in the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) for more than 15 years. The agency of the government of the U.S. responsible for the regulation of food.


Partners of Luxury Club of Spain.